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Leisurely, and languid

written by Krista

A tour off the beaten path

Raccoon Rodeo!

written by Krista

It was interesting...!

Taxidermy...for science and personal enjoyment

written by Krista

Clearing up the confusion...

She has a blog...and a Twitter account as well

written by Krista

Warning...the blog is adults only.

How Jenny Lawson defines "Furiously Happy".

written by Krista

And it's not what you think!

Does the Road to Character lead anywhere?

written by Krista

To borrow from the song...the long and winding road...

Bill Gates, book reviewer!

written by Krista

Who knew? What does Bil gates think of our February title?

Out of the pigeonholes

written by Krista

How a self-professed "narcissistic blowhard”  wrote the book on moral ecology (whatever that it!)

Going to a dark place...

written by Krista

A dark beginning, and then a miracle.

Falconry in North America

written by Krista

A brief history

Grieving and hawks

written by Krista

Merlin, Arthur and a hawk

A different review

written by Krista

A review from someone who knows hawks.

This one was a keeper!

written by Krista

This was very informative and interesting.

Anxiety and depression oh my!

written by Krista

A truely swoon-worthy time in our history.

A little history on Internet shaming then and now

written by Lisle Library

Public shaming is nothing new.

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