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2019 Summer Volunteering and Training

Are you in 6th to 12th grade? Do you need volunteer hours for school, clubs, or church? Want to make new friends this summer? Love reading and want to share that love with the children of Lisle? Just need an excuse to get out of the house this summer and do something productive? Then volunteering at the library is for you! 

Every summer the Lisle Library District recruits volunteers to help with sign-ups, logging reading hours, and assisting the librarians in making sure programs go well and are fun for everyone, along with a myriad of other interesting tasks. If you want to do good in your community and earn service hours, the library is a great opportunity to do so! Summer volunteers run the Library's Summer Reading Desk in Youth Services, working directly with patrons to sign them up for the program, help them log their progress, and 'purchase' prizes using the wooden tokens they earn during the process. More information about how this will work will be provided during training.

In order to volunteer with the library, volunteers must fill out a volunteering form, available here, and turn it in to the Youth Services desk or send a digital copy to Miss Mallory at This year we will also be conducting short 5-10 minute interviews with all volunteers to ensure that the coordinator can meet each volunteer and get to know them to be able to offer the best support to each volunteer's individual needs. More information about scheduling interview sessions will be including in the welcome email sent out once the coordinator receives your application.

Training sessions will be held in May and June. All volunteers MUST attend a training session prior to beginning their volunteer hours. Training session dates are as follows:


Tuesday, May 14 @ 6:15PM

Thursday, May 16 @ 4:15PM

Saturday, May 18 @ 2:15PM

Tuesday, May 21 @ 6:15PM

Thursday, May 23 @ 4:15PM

Tuesday, May 28 @ 6:15PM



Tuesday, June 4 @ 6:00PM

Thursday, June 13 @ 3:00PM

Tuesday, June 18 @ 6:00PM


If you absolutely cannot attend one of these sessions for reasons of loss of limb, fire, or other dire circumstances, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know so that alternative training may be arranged. Please make sure to complete an application and schedule an interview with Miss Mallory prior to attending a training sessions. 

For those new to the process of summer volunteering at Lisle Library, volunteers are scheduled two at a time in two-hour blocks Monday to Sunday during library hours. To make sure that we have at least one volunteer working at our Summer Reading Program table at all times, each volunteer must fill out a sign-up calendar for June and July with the days and shifts they would like to work. I then take those calendars and create a schedule that gets sent out to all volunteers. This is why email communication is so important for summer volunteering, and also why it is important to return all applications and calendars on time.

This year, to be included on the June volunteering schedule, you will need to turn one of these calendars in to the Volunteer Coordinator, either by bringing in a physical copy to the Youth Services department, or by emailing a digital copy to, by FRIDAY, MAY 24. You may turn in a June calendar even if you cannot attend a May training session this year, but please make sure that you do not sign up to work before you're expected training date. If you wish to volunteer with a friend, please make sure that you coordinate schedules so that you sign up for the same dates and times, and note at the top of your calendar that you wish to volunteer with a specific person, and we will do what we can to accomodate you.

If you have any questions or need to set up an alternate training date, please contact Miss Mallory via email at or phone at 630-971-1675 EXT 3006.

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