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Faux Flower Votive Candles

Had enough of the snow? Add a warm, floral glow to any room with these lovely DIY flower votive candles. This is one of my favorite crafts to dress up any space with something that looks store bought but is handmade! Each candle is two parts - the candle itself and then a base of petals that you set the candle in while it's on. When combined, your flower candle should look like a beautiful glowing flower!



  • Glue (hot glue or Gorilla Glue work best)

  • Large faux flowers such as peonies or roses (ones with lots of full petals) 

  • Battery operated votive candles

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters (optional) 



  1. Start by removing your flower petals from the stems. There should be a plastic piece inside the middle of the petals that you can either cut off with wire cutters or pull apart that will release all the petals.

  2. Once you have the petals separated out from the stems (I like to sort mine largest to smallest), you’ll want to begin by making the holes in the center of a few of the rounds a little larger to fit over the fake candle flame. You don’t want too many petals on this part, since too many may block out the light, but one or two layers should hide the candle base pretty well. Once you have those done, set them aside and start cutting apart 2 other rounds of petals to glue onto the outer flat edge of the candle. Be sure to leave enough uncut rounds of petals to act as the base of the flower candle.

  3. Once you have some petals cut, you can begin gluing them on. I like to do one round of 5 or so petals, leaving gaps between them and then adding one more layer once the glue has dried to fill those gaps. Be sure here to not glue any petals to the bottom of the candle, so that you can still access the battery and on/off switch.

  4. While the glue dries on the candle, you can begin working on gluing together the last petal rounds for the base. Simply dab a little glue on each round of petals and press them together. It takes between 5-7 rounds to be full enough to cover up the sides of the candle and look natural, so it may take some extra time for the glue to dry.

  5. Once the glue dries on both the candle and the base, you can begin using them! Simply turn on the candle and set it into the middle of the base so that the sides get covered up and it looks natural.



  • When gluing your petals on, it’s easiest to dab the glue onto the petals to avoid using too much and ending up with a goopy mess.

  • If you're feeling extra creative, you can even make your own petals from a variety of fabrics or even paper! 

  • If you’re making your own petals, you can add color variation and shading using a variety of materials such as pastels, colored pencils, crayons, and paint! Subtle looks more natural, but you can go as wild with color as you want!

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