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Front Street Teens

New TN Titles - November '17

Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson, TN AND

For a snarky, realistic read filled with geek culture, check out this book about Elliot's experiences competing for a scholarship at an academic bootcamp! 

The Chaos of Standing Still by Jessica Brody, TN BRO

Need a swoon-worthy romantic comedy? Look here! Ryn is struggling to cope after a devestating loss, but when she finds herself trapped at an airport on New Year's Eve, one person helps her come out of her shell, face her fears, and rebuild herself.

The Speaker by Traci Chee, TN CHE

Book 2 of Sea of Ink and Gold series! There is more magic and intrigue to be found here as Sefia and Archer's adventure continues. 

Now is Everything by Amy Giles, TN GIL

Ready to tackle an emotionally intense, realistic, haunting thriller? Now Is Everything reminds us that everything is not as it seems. Chapters are told from "then" and "now," making for a complex story about Hadley's less than perfect life that unfolds gradually.

I Never by Laura Hopper, TN HOP

For a contemporary romance that explores the ups and downs of first love, read I Never!

Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler, TN KAH

Runebinder is the first in a new fantasy dystopian series. This is the gruesome story of the world after it has been devastated by magic transformed by power and greed and the Hunters who are trying to save the world from destruction. There's also an LGBTQ romance to be found here!

The Dark Intercept by Julia Keller, TN KEL

Check out another dystopian fantasy with this first book in a new series. In this fantasy world emotions are kept in check by the Intercept, but when Violet begins to question this system, she may uncover secrets about those closest to her.

Consumed by Abbie Rushton, TN RUS

Intense plot + sweet romance + mystery = Consumed. Myla is afraid to leave her house ever since her sister's drowning death. But, a newcomer, Jamie, who is grappling with his own anxieties, helps her to solve a mystery in their seaside village. 

Follow Me: The Killer You Know by Sara Shepard, TN SHE

Book 2 in The Amateurs series follows our young adult detectives as they try to solve a mystery of a missing Instagram star who looks eerily familiar. 

Chainbreaker by Tara Sims, TN SIM

Book 2 in the Timekeeper series, Chainbreaker is a steampunk, historical fantasy, LGBTQ romance, all rolled into one! The adventure of this alternative Victorian world where time is controlled by clocks continues in book 2.

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