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Just Between Frames

Lisle Library Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams with What Dreams May Come cover

Robin Williams was not only a wonderful actor and comedian, he was a unique and powerful force for laughter and humanity. As a tribute to him, and a way to celebrate his life and films, we have a special display set up next to the Connection desk with his films, CDs, etc. Here on the JBF blog there's a list of the films we currently have of his is (below) with links to the catalog so you can reserve them. We are also getting the first three seasons of Mork & Mindy, Inside the Actor's Studio: Robin Williams, and Robin Willimas - Live on Broadway. Keep an eye out for the "On Order" records for these three titles. What is your favorite Robin Williams performance?

Genie from AladdinAladdin

Aladdin and the King of Thieve DVD cover Aladdin and the King of Thieves


August Rush cover August Rush

Awakenings Cover Awakenings

Bicentennial Man cover Bicentennial man

The Big Wedding cover The big wedding

The Birdcage cover Birdcage

Deat Poets Society cover Dead poets society

Deconstructing Harry VHS cover Deconstructing Harry [VHS only]

Father's day

The Final Cut cover The final cut

Good morning, Vietnam

Good Will Hunting cover Good Will Hunting

Hamlet cover Hamlet

 Happy feet cover Happy feet

Happy Feet 2 cover Happy feet two

Hook cover Hook

Insomnia cover Insomnia