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Prelude to a Kiss starring Meg Ryan & Alec Baldwin

Our Take on "Prelude to a Kiss"

Members were quite struck by this lesser known film shot early in the careers of both Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin. Not only did the film reveal the potential range and appeal these two have as actors, it features an exceptional performance by Sydney Walker who portrays elderly man who switches bodies with a newlywed portrayed by Meg Ryan. The effects that this switch has -- not only for Ryan and the old man -- but for Alec Baldwin as her new husband are profound and intimate.

Of the films we have seen so far, the group felt that this one made the whole concept of "Magical Realism" the most clear. One member said that there were things the characters learned that couldn't have been achieved in any other way. Everyone liked the idea of playing out the concept of "walking in another person's shoes". It was especially poignant that the two people involved in the swap were at the very beginning of a new life (as a married couple) and at the very end of a long life (for the old man at the wedding). We also liked the way the director and script handled the final resolution to the story - and that a kiss by itself was not enough to affect the change that they now, both want to make.

Patricia particularly likes how different a role this was for Alec Baldwin to play, and that along with a TV movie (we have in our collection) called Dress Gray, it proves that Baldwin has long had the potential to be a major star. No one had seen the movie before, but everyone was glad they saw it here! All in all, it was a great discussion on a film that deserves more attention. We welcome further discussion so please feel free to leave a comment!

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