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     As we read “Evicted…” many of us learned something new. It was rather shocking, and certainly disturbing, that people can be thrown out of the places they call home due to the landlord’s whim. It true that these people were living hand to mouth, with only the barest of breathing room. After getting their money, and after paying rent and bills, there was little left for things like food, clothing, and other such things we may take for granted. The disparity between that Cadillac   -driving landlord and the tenant waiting at the corner bus stop is stark. None of us felt that the people we read about wanted to be in the circumstances they were in. Sometimes is was illness, abandonment or just plain old bad luck. We were also surprised on how draining all this can be. You’re evicted, and you have to get a new place to live ASAP. There are probably things standing in your way…namely the eviction itself. Many of the landlords described in the book screen for evictions, past convictions, and even having children can limit your choices. Not to mention pulling your children out on one school and putting them in another. This type of unstable living conditions really hurt the children most. But among all this doom and gloom, some people managed to survive, and eventually thrive. It just takes a tremendous amount of hard work, and a little bit of luck.

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