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Three books in one!

When we sat down to discuss this book, the first comments were about the length and density of the book. Everyone agreed that this could have been three books. You needed to be sitting with your phone, tablet, laptop of desktop pc nearby, because we were going to need it! The author tried, but some of the information was way over the heads of mere mortals. But it was fascinating to learn more about genetics, and how mankind can change it. Our technology has grown so quickly, and with that come ethical and moral dilemmas. If parents can use genetic modification to choose their unborn child’s intelligence level, their athletic talents, or their looks…should they? How far can you take this? And what happens when it goes wrong? We all agreed that there are opportunities to do good things for mankind, such as modifying the genes that cause/trigger cancer and other devastating diseases. But then the balance of power in society tips towards those who have the resources to make such changes. Doesn’t everyone deserve to have access to life-saving advances? We have learned a great deal, but we have so much farther to do.

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