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What a day!

September 11, 2001 was one of those days. Time seemed to stop as people glued themselves to TV’s, radios and whatever they could to get news. Any news about New York, the Pentagon and United flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. As the tragedy was unfolding calls went out to close American airspace, and ground all planes. But what about incoming planes that didn’t know what had happened? They had to land, as quickly as possible. Thirty-eight of those incoming planes set down in Gander, which is where the story begins.

Everyone who read the book agreed that it really highlighted how decent the human race is, and unfortunately how things have changed recently. The stories of locals inviting complete strangers into their homes, offer them rides, and give them daily necessities like toothpaste and shampoo are well documented. The people of Gander just sprang into action, doing what needed to be done, and not waiting for the bureaucratic machine to start up. Several people mentioned that this was exactly why everything got done. People saw a need, and they acted.  The passengers were tired, hungry and scared. They were slowly piecing together the day’s events, and they were coping.

Could something like this happen in America in 2020? Would strangers drop everything and give their shirt (or bedding) to help a fellow in trouble. Some would, others would not. But we talked about this a long time.

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