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Murder Among Friends

Continuing With the Major Mystery Awards - Here Are the 2021 Agatha Award Nominees!

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MaliceDomestic fans, authors, agents and publishers pick the nominees for the "Agatha" awards. The winners will be voted on virtually and presented on July 17th, 2021. If we own a copy of a nominated book, it will have its book cover with a link to it in our catalog. If we do not have a particular title, we can ask for one through Inter-Library Loan (ILL).

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Agatha for Best Contemporary Novel

  °  Donna Andrews, Gift of the Magpie(Minotaur) 
  °  Ellen Byron, Murder in the Bayou Boneyard (Crooked Lane Books) 
  °  Sherry Harris , From Beer to Eternity (Kensington) From Beer to Eternity Cover
  °  Louise Penny, All the Devils Are Here (Minotaur Books) Squeeze me : a novel 
  °  Lori Rader-Day, The Lucky One (William Morrow)) TheStudy of Secrets cover
Agatha for Best Historical Mystery Novel
  °  Rhys Bown, The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkeley) The Last Mrs. Summers
  °  Susanna Calkins, The Fate of a Flapper (Minotaur Books) The Fate of a Flapper
  °  Dianne Freeman, A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder (Kensington Books) Lady's Guideto Mischiefand Murder
  °  Edith Maxwell,Taken Too Soon (Beyond the Page) Maxwell_Taken_BkCvrOn Order
  °  Catriona McPherson, The Turning Tide (Quercus) The TurningTidecover
Agatha for Best First Mystery Novel
  °  Esme Addison, A Spell for Trouble (Crooked Lane Books) Interlibrary Loan link
  °  Tina deBellegarde,Winter Witness (Level Best Books) Winter Witness CoverOn Order
  °  Mary Keliikoa, Derailed (Camel Press) Interlibrary Loan link
  °  Erica Ruth Neubauer, Murder at the Mena House (Kensington Books) Murder at the Mena House
  °  Laura Jensen Walker, Murder Most Sweet (Crooked Lane Books) Murder Most Sweet

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