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Murder Among Friends

MAF Book Rating Scale

MAF Mystery Book Rating Scale

Murder Among Friends (MAF) experimented with rating the books we discuss. While we decided not to pursue this as a group, we've left this link up for blog visitors who might find it useful.

The scale -- and what each number means -- is below.

1 = Did not like. Would not read others in the series. Probably won’t read the author again.

2 = Only liked a little. Would not read others in the series. Might try author again.

3 = Thought it was ok. Might continue to read the series. Might read author again.

4 = Thought it was very good. Would be interested in continuing the series. Would try the author again.

5 =  Loved the book. Definitely will continue reading the series, and other books by the author.


Spoilers graphic

Spoiler from "In The Woods" by Tana French


To a person, our group was frustrated that the novel ends with the older crime (involving Jamie. Peter & Adam) not only not solved, but not appreciably further along that it was at the time of the initial investigation. In addition, while he has gained some memories of his past, Adam/Rob, is still “a major mess”, for not having dealt with this traumatic event. Click here to return to the In The Woods Discussion Summary!


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