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Patron Account FAQ

FAQs about your Library Online Account

Contact the Circulation Services Department at 630-971-1675 x2007 for any questions about your patron account.

How do I establish an online account?

Your library account is established online when you register for a library card. Visit the Lisle Library to register for a library card or pre-register for a library card by filling out our online form.

How do I access my account?

You can access your account by clicking on My Account from the library website homepage. To access your account from the Library Catalog you can select My Account from the menu bar. 

Must I log in with my barcode and password for every operation I want to perform?

Your account is equipped with single session log-in. You need to enter your barcode and password only once during a session, instead of logging in for each hold request, patron account access, or other function requiring identification.

What is my barcode number?

This is the 12-digit barcode number on your library card that starts with "7301". You will need to enter all 12 numbers for you to access your account. Do not enter spaces in between digits.

What is my password?

Your default password, which was assigned to your barcode at the time of registration, is the last four digits of your home phone number.

Can I change the password myself?

Yes. After accessing your account, click on Change Logon. Then click on Change Password and fill in the blanks. You can use 4 to 16 characters (letters, numbers and special characters). You will be the only person who knows this number. If it is forgotten, a new password can be issued by contacting the Circulation Services Department.

How do I create a Username?

Create a Username by clicking on My Account and entering your barcode and password.  At the prompt, enter your Username.  Once your Username is activated, you will be able to sign in to your account using your username.

How do I renew my items online?

Log on to your account, and select the Items Out tab to view items you currently have checked out. To renew an item, select the "check box" for the item, and click on Renew Selected Items. To renew all the items, click Renew All Items.

Are there any conditions when I will not be able to renew items?

Yes. If the item is requested by another patron, the system will not let you renew it. You will need to place a hold on that title, and get back on the waiting list.  You will not be able to renew items if you have items that are more than 6 weeks overdue, fines exceeding $10, or an expired library card.  You will also not be able to renew Interlibrary Loan items. You will need to contact the Circulation Services Department (630-971-1675 x2007) for assistance.

Can I renew online if I am a reciprocal borrower?

Yes, reciprocal borrowers have the same exact renewing privileges as Lisle residents.

Where can I review my reserves?

They are located in My Account under the Requests link.  The title, status of the item and your position in the queue are available for viewing here.  You may also cancel, suspend or reactivate a request from here.

How do I interpret the status of my hold request?

Active:  The system has recognized your hold request.  Library staff will contact you when the requested item is ready for you.

Pending:  Your hold request appears in a list of items that library staff will retrieve from the shelves.  They will then notify you that the item is ready to be picked up.

Held:  The item you requested is now being held for you at the department in which it is shelved.

Expired:  Your hold request was not filled after two years.

If you see any other status listed, please contact the Circulation Services Department.

How do I cancel a hold request?

Select the check box for the request, and click Cancel Selected.  To cancel all requests, click on Cancel All. The "Cancelled" status will remain visible for three days.  

I didn't cancel my hold.  How did my hold request get cancelled?

If you do not pick up your hold in 3 days, it is removed from the hold shelf and put back into circulation.  You may reactivate that hold by clicking on Reactivate Hold Request and your name will be entered in the hold queue. 

What does "Suspend" a hold request mean?

To suspend a hold means you would like to request it at a later date.  To suspend a hold request, click on suspend, and enter a new reactivation date. 

Can I place a request from the Patron Account's "Request" view?

No. You can only place a request from the library online Catalog.  You can click Search from Patron Account to enter the catalog.

How do I request a title in the library's catalog to be held for me?

You can ask the library to hold a title for you by following these steps:

  • Search the library Catalog for the title you would like to request.
  • In the search results, click on Place Request.  A request form will be displayed. 
  • Type your library barcode number in the Barcode or Username: box (If you are already logged into your account, your barcode number/password will already be filled in).
  • Type your password in the Password Box.
  • Click Log In.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance submitting your request (630-971-1675 x2007).

How do I request a specific item such as a large print or a paperback?

  • Search the library Catalog for the title you would like to request.
  • In the search results, click on Find It.
  • Click on the Place Request icon to the left of the specific item desired.
  • Type your library barcode number in the Barcode or Username: box.
  • Type your password in the Password Box.
  • Click Log In.

How can I get my requests more quickly?

Check the availability of the title before placing a hold.  Only place requests on titles with the following item status: "in", "out", "held" or "in-process."  Contact the Adult Services Department and request an Interlibrary Loan if the item is "lost", "missing" or "long overdue."

Place the request under the Title View, rather than on a specific item.  If a title has multiple copies, you will get a copy sooner if your request is associated to several copies, rather than just one. 

Can reciprocal borrowers place a request?

No, reciprocal borrowers cannot place requests on Lisle Library titles. This is reserved for Lisle cardholders only.

Where is my total current balance shown in Fines and Fees?

The total account balance is listed at the bottom of the screen next to the word Charges.

Why does my account show more than one balance?

Each overdue item gets a specific line in the Fines and Fees view.  The total amount for that single item is listed in the Amount field.  If a partial payment is made on a particular item, the remaining balance for that item is reflected in the Balance column.

What does the  at the beginning of the table stand for?

Click to see the Details, Associated Item, and History of the Fines & Fees transaction. In this screen you can view details about when the item was returned, when it was due and when/if a payment was made on it.  However, from this view you cannot tell how much of a partial payment was made.

I made a partial payment to my account.  Why is the amount paid not reflected in the details of my history?

The system does not show the amount of partial payment, just that a payment was made on that charge.  The remaining balance for an item can be viewed from the Fines & Fees screen.  Call the Circulation Services Department for any further questions regarding a payment to your account.

Can I pay my account online?

Yes!  From the Fines and Fees view, click on Account Payment, and then click Account Payment again.  Enter your Library Card Number and pin number, click on submit.  A list of your itemized fines will appear.  Select the fines you want to pay, click submit.  Click on "pay from credit card" and enter your credit card information, then click submit.  The new balance will be reflected on your account. 

Is it necessary to log off when exiting my account?

Yes.  This is your way of preventing others from viewing your account.  Each view in Patron Account offers a place to Log Out.

Please contact the Circulation Services Department at 630-971-1675 x2007 with any additional questions about your patron account.

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