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Author John Scalzi is a big enough author for our group that he's got his own category.   And now, even more people know about how awesome he is.  "John Scalzi, a best-selling author of science fiction, has signed a $3.4 million, 10-year deal with the publisher Tor Books that will cover his next 13 books."   That's straight from the New York Times article (click on the link to read the entire article).    Very exciting for Scalzi fans.

John Scalzi did write about this on his own blog, Whatever, where he talks about the deal and also reveals his plan for writing some books over the next few years.   Happily, Lock In fans can look forward to a sequel, but he's also planning on some YA books (perfect for introducing younger readers to the greatness of John Scalzi).   So, congrats, Mr. Scalzi!   We look forward to more books!

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