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The Lisle Library District (LLD) is a public library serving residents in the District. The LLD's financial responsibilities include supporting operations, materials, resources, services, and staff. The LLD fiscal year runs July 1st - June 30th. Financial information is available below.

Using an example property tax bill for a home owner in the Village of Lisle, School District 202, the Library portion of the total tax bill is 4% 

The primary source of Library funding comes from property taxes.

Budget Process

The Library develops a working budget. Drafts of the proposed budget are discussed in a series of Committee of the Whole meetings, all of which are open to the public. When a final draft is created, the Board approves a working budget in the spring.

Legal spending authority is set by the Budget and Appropriations Ordinance proposed in the fall and adopted after a public hearing. Board meeting dates are accessible via the Library Board page.

Financial Information

Current Fiscal Year July 2023 - June 2024:

Previous Fiscal Years:​

Disbursement History

General Information

Additional Resources of Interest

There are a variety of different types of libraries across the United States including corporate, special, law, medical, school, public, art, etc. Each type of library may operate differently and be subject to different operational procedures and practices.

Public libraries in Illinois may be a municipal, town, village, or a district and are subject to different types of administration and governance.

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