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LLD Mini-Branches

Inspired by the non-profit,, the LLD Mini-Branches launched in November of 2019. In partnership with the Lisle Park District and Eagle Scout Dawn Tschopp, two LLD Mini-Branches have been installed at public parks in Lisle: Beau Bien Park and Surrey Ridge Sports Complex. 

LLD outposts are regularly stocked and checked by Library staff and/or LLD volunteers. Mini-branch contents include reading material for all ages and other relevant LLD literature.


Where do the Mini-Branch materials come from?

The Mini-Branches are stocked with materials that have been removed (“weeded”) from Library circulation by professional staff. They are items that have had a long life on our shelves and can now be shared in the community.

Do I need to return items to the Mini-Branch?

No. These items are for you to share with whomever you choose once you are finished. However, you may return the item to the Mini-Branch if you'd like. 

Can I leave items in the Mini-Branch?

If you have a book that you’d like to share and don’t mind parting with, you may leave it within the Mini-Branch to share with others in the community. The LLD Mini-Branches are maintained and regularly monitored by Library staff/volunteers.

What should I do if I find a Mini-Branch empty or in need of repair?

Please contact Youth Services Director, John Ferrari

More questions? Contact Youth Services Director, John Ferrari at