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Policies of the Library

Policies of the LIsle Library District (LLD), including revisions, are drafted by LLD Administration and are reviewed/edited and adopted by the LLD Board of Trustees. Various statutes and professional guidelines are referred to when drafting LLD policies, such as the Public Library District Act as well as the Standards for Illinois Public Libraries.

Policy 200 Library Library District (LLD) By-Laws
Policy 201 Trustee Code of Conduct & Ethics
Policy 300Library Cards
Policy 315 Loan Periods
Policy 325 Schedule of Fines, Fees, and Financial Transactions
Policy 330RAILS Fines and Fees
Policy 340Internet Access & Public Computer Use
Policy 342 Social Media
Policy 365Confidentiality of Library Records & Court Orders
Policy 370Freedom of Information Act
Policy 415Volunteers
Policy 420Extension of Services to Benedictine University Students and Faculty
Policy 430 Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Policy 500 Collection Management
Policy 600Library Schedule
Policy 605Emergency Closure of Library
Policy 606Public Health Response
Policy 610Patron Code of Conduct
Policy 620Tobacco, Smoke, Vape-Free Environment
Policy 635Signs & Displaying Promotional Literature and Materials
Policy 650 Use of Meeting & Study Rooms
Policy 655Use of Piano
Policy 660Environmental Responsibility
Policy 665 Recordings: Photography, Audio, & Video at the LLD
Policy 670Library Security
Policy 680Property Damage
Policy 705Construction, Capital Improvements, and Contractual Services
Policy 710Fund Balances
Policy 720Investments
Policy 735Donations & Gifts
Policy 825Compensation and Expenses of Trustees
Policy 830Employee & Volunteer Reference/Background Checks
Policy 901Sexual Harassment
Policy 902 Library Service & the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Policy 905Open Meetings Policy
Policy 907Public Comment Policy
Appendix ALibrary Bill of Rights & LLD Ordinance adopting the ALA Bill of Rights
Appendix BFreedom to Read
Appendix CFreedom to View