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Earth Flag


On September 16, 2020, the LLD was officially awarded an Earth Flag by SCARCESCARCE Executive Director, Kay McKeen and DuPage County Board member, Liz Chaplin, attended the LLD Board of Trustees meeting to present the Flag and read the official Resolution of Commendation from DuPage County Chairman, Daniel Cronin.

To earn the Earth Flag, the LLD had to achieve a number of objectives. Ms. Chaplin read aloud some of those accomplishments: 

"I am so happy to be here tonight to present the Earth Flag Resolution. Earning the Earth Flag is a huge accomplishment that takes a lot of work and dedication by the staff. I want the staff and the community to know what a great accomplishment this is and everyone should be very proud. I'm going to read off all the work the staff has done to receive the Earth Flag..."

  • Comprehensive Recycling Program
  • Staff Education
  • Patron Education
  • Educated patrons on proper recycling practices – hosted the Where Is Away? exhibit
  • The Library has upgraded lighting to LEDs, T- 8s, T-5s, and CFLs
  • The Library has a cool roof to help with the urban heat island effect
  • The Library also recycles its electronics, scrap metal, and batteries
  • Updated HVAC system components in the Fall of 2019
  • Has syringe collection bins in their bathrooms for staff and patrons
  • The Library donates books to Better World Books and other like organizations
  • Has used book sales
  • Handles hazardous waste appropriately
  • Uses eco-friendly de-icer
  • Library employees use reusable mugs, dishes, and utensils
  • Has reusable bags for patron use
  • Library has all low flow toilets and faucets with automatic sensors

See the LLD Earth Flag Up Close!  The LLD Earth Flag waves outside of the Library on Front Street, and we’ve also had a Flag framed for patrons to enjoy inside! This photo of Earth was taken in December of 1968 by astronauts on Apollo 8.  It is the first photo of Earth from space. Amazing, isn’t it?