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Library Card & Borrowing Info

The Circulation Services Desk is located just inside the Front Street entrance. For more information contact Circulation Services at 630-971-1675 or email


The LLD wants every District resident to have access.


All Lisle Library District (LLD) residents are eligible for a Library card, regardless of age. The Library District includes most of the Village of Lisle, including unincorporated subdivisions such as Four Lakes, Woodridge Estates, and The Meadows. Portions of unincorporated Naperville, including Steeple Run, are also included in the District.

  • A photo ID and current proof of residency (lease, utility bill or checkbook) presented in person is necessary to obtain a Library card. A driver's license or state ID is sufficient for proof if the address is current.
  • Children under the age of 18 need to have a parent/guardian present when registering.
  • Parents/guardians have the option to restrict their child's borrowing abilities by placing selective 'blocks' on their child's card.
  • Most cards need to be renewed after two years.
  • Most public libraries within Illinois will also honor your card.
  • You are responsible for everything borrowed on your card.
  • Please notify Circulation Services immediately if you lose your card, or if your phone number, email address, or home address has changed.
  • Before visiting the Library, you can pre-register for a library card by filling out our online form.

Non-Resident Library Card

A resident of an area not served by another public library may obtain an LLD card through payment of an annual fee if the LLD is considered to be the closest public library to the applicant’s residence, as determined by Illinois State Law. (75ILCS16/30- 55.60) 

Non-Resident Homeowner – The fee shall be equitable and proportionate to the fee paid by LLD residents and shall be determined by the tax bill method: multiplying the current tax rate (per DuPage County) by the net taxable value of the home.

Non-Resident Renter (multi-unit dwelling) – The fee for Library privileges will be equal to a percentage of the average monthly rent verified by current lease or rent receipt.

Non-Resident Taxpayer/Business Owner – LLD property owners who reside outside the District are eligible for a non-resident taxpayer Library card with full privileges. This includes multiple, non-resident, owners or those who lease taxable property.

Non-resident fee cards shall be valid for one year and shall afford all services offered by the LLD, including reciprocal borrowing privileges. Purchasing a Library card entitles the purchaser and every member of the household to cards for one year.  

Information for Reciprocal Borrowers

If you have a current library card in good standing from another library you may register to become a reciprocal borrower with the LLD. To do this, you will need to present your library card at the main Circulation Services Desk along with the following:

  • A photo ID and current proof of residency (lease, utility bill or checkbook) presented in person is necessary to obtain a Library card. A driver's license or state ID is sufficient for proof if the address is current.

Reciprocal borrowers can place holds on LLD materials after those items have been in the Library collection for three months. 

Loan Periods

  • Items with holds cannot be renewed.
  • LLD reserves the right to limit numbers of items and to shorten/lengthen loan periods for seasonal items, special displays, school assignments, and high-demand material.
  • Reference items may be loaned at the discretion of the Department Director.

See LLD Policy 315 for Loan Period chart. 

Fines and Fees

The LLD recognizes that fines/fees can create a barrier to Library use. Therefore, the LLD has eliminated overdue fines for LLD materials/items as a means to alleviate such barriers (2020). The LLD values barrier-free access to information, materials, and equipment for our patrons. However, eliminating overdue fines does not mean patron responsibility for Library materials/items has been abolished.

Please see LLD Policy 325: Schedule of Fines, Fees, and Financial Transactions for complete detailsThis policy applies to all LLD patrons and documents expectations where LLD patrons are reciprocal patrons at other libraries.

Paying Fees Online

Paying fees online is simple. The quickest and easiest way is by using the link in the upper right-hand corner of the LLD website’s homepage, under “Donate/Pay”.

You can pay fees by clicking here, or my using the "My Account" page:

  1. On the upper right-hand corner of the LLD website’s homepage, click on “My Account.”
  2. Log onto your online catalog account using your Library card barcode and pin.
  3. Click on “Pay Fees” on the left-hand side.
  4. Click on “Account Payment” on bottom left-hand side tab and “Account Payment” link.
  5. Enter your library card barcode number and pin (same as online account pin).
  6. You can adjust your payment in the “Payment” column or click on the “Check/Uncheck All” link to adjust the total.
  7. Click on the “Submit” button to proceed or “Exit.”
  8. Click on “Pay From Credit Card” link to proceed or “Exit.”
  9. Enter your personal Credit Card information and select the “Submit” button or “Cancel.”
  10. Your transaction is now complete.

Reserves/Hold Requests

All items, except Kill-a-Watt Meters and Reference books, may be reserved by valid Lisle resident cardholders. Reserves can be made in person, over the phone, or online via You will be notified when the materials are available and have seven days to pick them up from the LibraryThe LLD reserves the right to limit numbers of items and to shorten/lengthen loan periods for seasonal items, special displays, school assignments, and high-demand material. 

Learn about the LLD Pick-up Window Service HERE!


  • Eligible LLD items will automatically renew two days before they are due. The new due (or renewal) date for the item is calculated by taking the current (original) due date and adding a full loan period.
  • If a user has opted for email/text notification, the user will receive an email/text reminder two days before the item's original due date notifying if materials were renewed or not.
  • Auto-renewals go by the original due date and not by the date of the reminder notice.
  • Patron blocks prevent automatic renewals; for example, library card accounts with fees of $10.00 or more or for users with long overdue material (6 weeks or more).
  • Interlibrary loans (ILLs) cannot be automatically renewed; staff must check with the lending library. Please contact Circulation Services staff for assistance in extending an ILL loan.
  • Digital media and eContent cannot be automatically renewed.
  • Items with reserves/hold requests, new-arrival video games, streaming devices (Roku), Literacy DVD players, and items with loan periods of less than 7 days cannot be renewed.

Manually Renewing Items

  • After logging into "My Account," click the Items Out tab.
  • Select the check box for the item to be renewed.
  • Click Renew Selected Items.
  • Verify that items were renewed.
  • When you renew items manually, due dates are calculated from the day you renew your items. If you renew early, extra time is not added to your original due date.
  • You can also renew and request items in person, by phone, or by email. Call 630-971-1675 or email

Email and Text Message Notification

The LLD provides email and text message notification services. Notification emails are sent one day before an item is due. Notifications for overdue items are sent twice: 9 days, and 21 days after items are due. Email reminders list all items checked out on your Library card. Email notification is a courtesy service. We rely on our patrons to be responsible for items regardless of possible errors regarding notification or unread notifications.

Sign up in person, over the phone or online! If you would like to sign up over the phone, or have questions, please contact Circulation Services at 630-971-1675.
To sign up online, email Include your name, email address and library card barcode number. Click here to sign up now.

Please Note: If your computer has a spam filter, it will bounce the notification back to us. To correct this, please enter our email address: in your address book.

Digital Barcode

Please click HERE to download the LLD app and use your smart phone as a digital Library card!