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Found something interesting to share: A database of diverse SF-F!

I was scrolling through posts on BookRiot today, catching up, and came across a link to this site, which has a database of diverse titles in the SF-F genre. It doesn't claim to be perfect, or perfectly complete ---- but I think it's quite cool.  :)

 The description from the site is:" Welcome to my database of science fiction and fantasy books that demonstrate diversity in sexuality/gender, race, disability, and other aspects. My hope is that this will both promote existing but less well-known books, and inspire authors to write more and publishers to make them available. I feel that too much time and effort is spent criticizing whatever's currently popular, sometimes to the extent of nitpicking, for not having enough diversity instead of finding the books that do and celebrating them. More are being published every day- and the best way to encourage them is to talk about these books."


Thanks, Jen!

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