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More from our discussion of Promise of Blood

We had so much to talk about in our discussion of Promise of Blood that I didn't have a chance to share all of the answers that author Brian McClellan was kind enough to give me when I sent him some questions.   So, here is what I asked him and what he had to say:

  • Did you have a favorite part in Promise of Blood, or do you have a favorite character that you especially like to write?
    • - I think most authors have to be at least a little bit in love with each character they write, otherwise things get boring real quick. That being said, I particularly enjoy writing some of the side characters like Olem and Ka-poel. Privileged Borbador, who you see more in Crimson Campaign, might be my favorite.
  • In this fantasy world, things have progressed into an industrial age.   If things were fast-forwarded several generations, do you think gunpowder would still be magical, or would it evolve to something else? 
    • - I don't think I'll actually get to that point in the series, but it is something that has crossed my mind from time to time. In our world, gunpowder developed as part of the advancing technologies and warfare. I could see the sorcery developing and changing into something new along with it.
  • If the trilogy were optioned for film, do you have a cast list in your head already?  Any favorite actors to play Tamas or Taniel?
    • - Oh, gosh yes. Tamas has always been Jeremy Irons in my head. Adamat has always been Paul Giamatti. Natalya Rudakova is who I see for Ka-poel. Taniel has always been a tough one for me. Probably some new up-and-coming actor.
  • Do you have any favorite authors/books that you're reading right now?
    • - Been on a bit of a reading kick lately but I'll keep it to the last two: Stephen Blackmoore's Dead Things was really terrific, but very much rated R for language and gore. Jason Hough's Darwin Elevator was a really cool take on a mysterious-aliens-plus-zombie-apocalypse.
  • I read on Reddit that you said you're a big fan of cake.   Our group also has many cake fanciers.   Do you think a particular cake goes best with reading this book?
    • - Probably a big thick piece of triple layer chocolate cake. The kind that you get in hotel restaurants that you almost don't order because it's $7 but once you do it comes out on this enormous plate and you have to get everyone else at the table to take a bite because you can't finish it yourself.
  • And …. Anything else you'd like me to share with the group?  Maybe some insight into a plot element, or a character you'd like us to give some attention to?
    • - I'd recommend that you keep an eye on Nila. A lot of people dismiss her out of hand because she only shows up in a few scenes, but she has important things to do by the end of the trilogy.

I had also mentioned author Chuck Wendig's interview of Brian McClellan over on his blog.   I'm including the link here, but I also recommended Chuck Wendig's blog in general (especially his recent post about his three year-old).


This was awesome, thank you.

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