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Literacy/English Language Development (ELD) Websites

The websites below are periodically reviewed to ensure that the content is useful, reliable, and current. Tutors and teachers can use the following resources: I Need English For, Beginner Assessment, and Class Participation Rubric, to determine student needs and goals for learning progress.

For more information, contact Jean Demas, Literacy Librarian, or 630-971-1675, x1002.


Citizenship Corner | Dictionaries | Education | Grammar
Jobs | Language | Life Skills | Reading | Stories

Citizenship Corner

Dictionaries & Idioms

  • EZ Slang: Master the meanings of popular idioms and slang that are difficult for English language learners
  • Idioms for You: The site contains all types of idiom information for ELD learners; ELD worksheets and vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced levels; exercises on idioms
  • Learners Dictionary: Online dictionary from Merriam-Webster including word of the day, quizzes and core vocabulary
  • Word Reference: Online word translator from English to many other languages and from other languages to English

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General ELD Teaching Resources

  • ELD Lesson Plans By Grade Level: Free worksheets for ELD lessons with new worksheets and activities added weekly
  • Family Worksheets: Printable worksheets by age and category including family activities
  • Flashcards: Create versatile flashcards to print, cut, fold, and study
  • Internet TESL Journal: Classroom activities, games, and articles on teaching techniques
  • Worksheets: Printable worksheets and lesson plans sorted by category on the technology site

Grades PreK-2 for ELD

  • Kiz Club: Stories and worksheets about a variety of topics for grades 1-3
  • Starfall: Reading instruction and reading games for students in Pre-K-1
  • Teaching Resources: Online free and interesting teaching resources on many topics from the U.S. Department of Education for children of all ages

Grades 2-5 for ELD

  • English for Everyone: Printable worksheets are available for many teaching strategies starting with alphabetization, grammar, basic reading, writing, computer fundamentals, and more
  • Funbrain: Stories for advanced beginners
  • Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government: U.S. Government information and social studies games, hosted by a jovial Ben Franklin
  • PBS Kids Travel: See Buster’s adventures from various places in the U.S. including a video, audio, map skills and games for each U.S. city

Grades 5-8 for ELD

  • Brainteasers: Science and health fun page from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Listen and Learn: Designed for older students to help with pronunciation and listening activities, including minimal pairs and parts of speech
  • Translations: Use Google Translate for learning words and phrases from a foreign language to English or English to a foreign language
  • Vocabulary: A collection of English vocabulary word lists and games

Grades 9-12 for ELD and Adult Basic Education/ELD

  • English Club: Helps students to learn English and instructors to teach English; includes lessons for learners and teachers, including fun pages like games, quizzes, and chat
  • ESL Gold: Provides thousands of free resources and information for both students and teachers; all materials are organized by skill level for quick and easy access to speaking, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, flashcards, and other practice pages
  • ELD Lesson Plans for Adult Classes: Find games, crossword puzzles, PowerPoint presentations, and more on this site
  • GED Prep: GED/HiSet preparation including study guides, practice tests, and flashcards to earn a high school diploma
  • Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students: A very large collection of quizzes for English study

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  • Business English: Over 200 free exercises covering a wide variety of Business English topics (accounting, sales & marketing, information technology, medical English, general business English and many others); includes two listening comprehension sections (video and audio), as well as a special section to practice business English grammar
  • Grammar Guide: Build English grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Learn English: ELD portal with a wide variety of exercises and resources for students and teachers of English; over 300 free grammar and vocabulary exercises, 120 free printable grammar worksheets, media-based listening comprehension exercises, lists of American idioms and phrasal verbs, an English for Travelers section, and much more
  • Train your Accent: Listen to short recorded speeches on various topics to help reduce the accents in new English language speakers

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  • All About Work: Includes job searching tips, getting ready for interviews, health and safety at work, employment rights, and how to handle office meetings and presentations
  • English for the Job: English practice exercises for hospitality industry workers, with separate sections for those working in the hotel, restaurant, and travel/tourism industries; includes a special politeness training section
  • Illinois Worknet: Use this site to find a job, connect to job training to improve your skills and receive email notices about jobs that match your needs
  • worknetDupage: Local site for job training, job seeking, and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grants for occupational training

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  • Activities for ELD Students: Vocabulary, bilingual quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles to help adults learn English
  • English as a Second Language Home Page: A starting point for ELD learners who want to study English using the Web; contains a lightly annotated directory of links in categories including listening and speaking; reading with understanding; grammar and writing; ELD-related information; English language schools; and more ELD sites
  • English Club: Helps students to learn English and instructors to teach English; includes lessons for learners and teachers, including fun pages like games, quizzes, and chat
  • Literacy DuPage: Local agency for ELD and adult basic education offers tutor training, adult learner assignment to a tutor and sponsors English Conversation Groups at local libraries
  • Newspapers and Magazines: Browse an extensive collection of United States and international newspaper and magazine websites for historical and current publications categorized by country, state, and topics.
  • Peoples Resource Center: Community agency providing basic skills tutoring, computer training, food pantry, and other resources
  • TEACH: Receive ELD or basic skills tutoring at different suburb locations and also train to become a tutor through the Congregation of St. Joseph Church ministry
  • Tune Into Learning: General language site to help adults gain skills they need to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals

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Life Skills

  • Building Conversations: Practice conversation skills through questions on many topics such as food/eating, school, secrets, animals/pets, goals, healthcare, and more
  • Computer Basics: Learn how to use a computer, Facebook, email, Word, Skype, and other features with online courses in English and Spanish; register for a free password at this service from the Chicago Public Library
  • ESL America: Comprehensive site includes information about safety, health, nutrition, banking, shopping, computers, and government
  • GFC LearnFree: Check out this site to learn about everyday life skills such as shopping, basic math, banking, how to use computers, and more
  • Illinois Driver License Practice Tests: Use this site for practice tests to pass the written part of the driver's license exam; tests are also available in Spanish
  • Money Management: The site uses clear and simple language to explain a variety of money-related topics including why to use a bank, choosing a bank, information about checking and savings accounts, and Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • USA Learns: Helps adult learners understand how to ask questions, read signs, speak to doctors, and communicate in English about life skill needs

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  • Guide to English Phonetic System: A comprehensible step-by-step guide to the English Phonetic System including an interactive International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart.
  • Learning Using the News: Provided by CNN, adults can read, view, or listen to current news stories. Reading and vocabulary activities are included with each story
  • Marshall Leveled Reading Program: Improve reading by using the research strategies of repeated reading and guided oral reading, aid in building adult learners' fluency, and increasing comprehension skills
  • New York Times Learning Network: Learn about United States current events and more using the New York Times learning network
  • News For You Online: Easy to read weekly online newspaper including participation in polls, teachers’ guides, voting guides to learn about upcoming political elections and new vocabulary words; Password: D812FC

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  • Center for the Study of Adult Literacy: Adult stories in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including topics such as health, food, babies, teenagers, families, history and others
  • ESL Voices: Learners can read many classic short stories by authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and others
  • ESL Writing: Help learners improve their writing using short stories
  • ESL Yes: More than 1600 stories in beginner and intermediate levels that include games, puzzles and the ability to listen to the audio parts at normal and slow speeds
  • Stories Read By VIP's: A terrific site with stories read by actors from the ScreenActors' Guild; Grades 1-4

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