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Murder Among Friends

Our Discussion on: "Wicked Autumn" by G. M. Malliet

G.M. Malliet with Wicked Autumn graphic

Many thanks to guest moderator Gail Graziani for leading this discussion and providing this summary!

The group’s comments:

  • Max was an unusual character.
  • The book was funny and light – I liked the description of Wanda’s living room with as many patterns as possible.
  • The names of the villages were great.
  • Appreciated the list of characters and the map.
  • I had no inkling of who did it.
  • The book was a fun change of pace.
  • It reminded me of Murder She Wrote and of Midsomer Murders.
  • It’s funny that there were no murders in the village until Max arrived.

Notes from our conversation with Gin:

  • She began writing this series when her prior publisher went out of business and she was asked about other story ideas by her new publisher.
  • The idea of the village came first and was based on Agatha Christie. The vicar’s character is based on an acquaintance with a similar background.
  • The village names were based on real places, and she thought “Monkslip” was a good name for the village of a vicar.
  • Her favorite character is Suzanna – sister of the doctor – because she has no filters and says whatever she likes. She’s a brash person in the wrong setting.
  • Gin doesn’t plot out every character – she gets an overall feel for the murder and an outline of events and then jumps around from section to section. She works in a home office from about 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Gin generally can name her books as she likes – a few times editors wanted changes.
  • She has just read The Witch Elm and is a big fan of Tana French.
  • She has had some interest from Hollywood about possibly turning the series into a show, but it is not at all a certainty.
  • Currently, Gin is writing a standalone that has some mystery elements, but is also a comedy of errors.
  • There may be one final Max book, but that is also not determined yet.

Please feel free to share additional thoughts on Wicked Autumn in the comments section below.

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