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Murder Among Friends

Quiz Answers



Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for Mycroft Holmes


The douen is a demon who aids the lougarou to kill people and take their blood. The douen looks like a child, but its feet are backwards, and it wears a traditional Trinidad hat.


  Abie is his name, and he is a Hanoverian – one of the warmbloods competitive equestrians love.



 His brother Sherlock – who stipulates that Mycroft makes sure he returns it.



 The Sultana.


Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for And Only to Deceive


  He calls her Kallista which means ‘most beautiful’; the words “Te Kalliste” were supposedly written on the golden apple that Paris awarded to Aphrodite – whose support of Paris’ love for Helen led to the start of the Trojan War.


 Brutus or Caesar.



  Monsieur Fournier.


Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for Memory Man



  She was his physical therapist after the football injury.



  That it is not referring to a 7 eleven store, but to something more personal in Amos’ life.




  It’s code for a street address well known to Amos: Duckton St.





His DVR.



 It is the same gun that was used to murder his family.




Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for No Time for Goodbye


Fedora  She sees the letter “C” in the headband on the inside.



There’s a chance the envelopes and notes that came with it could identify who sent it.





  He wanted a memento to keep – he just kept it in the wrong place!




  It is the main impetus behind Cynthia’s desperate need to know what happened.




Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for Open Season


  They are called “Miller’s Weasels” in the story, and are an imaginary species – the author based them on the black-footed ferret.




  Under the foundation to the Picketts’ garage.



 At the Barrett’s Pharmacy under “Unclaimed”.



  His widow buries him in it – his last request!



Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for Lowcountry Bombshell





  In honor of Steve McQueen’s movie, The Getaway. Calista was getting away from the whole Marilyn craziness with her mother, “aunt” and ex-husband.




  An enema with a big dose of chloral hydrate; an enema kit that was on the housekeeper’s grocery list for Calista



   Liz is somewhat obsessed with using hand sanitizers/washing hands. She constantly offers her bottle to others.



  Her ex-husband Jim Davis.



Graphic Crime Quiz Answers for Long Gone





  Facebook.  He’s trying to get to Dan & Becca’s pages.



  They are the one piece of evidence that seem to prove that Alice shot Campbell. The discovery of the gloves by the police leads her to follow Lily’s advice and go on the run.




  That it is a dummy corporation set up by Arthur Cronin for Frank Humphrey for reasons revealed late in the plot.



  Alice Janine Benjamin

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