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Murder Among Friends

Zooming with Tracee de Hahn to Discuss "Swiss Vendetta"

Tracee de Hahn and Book cover

Tracee's father and she had a wonderful time reading up on writing novels, going to writing workshops, and creating a number of full novels. This one, was the first she attempted to get published. Her encouraging friend thought it could be publishable with some further tweeks. The book has been highly praised by mystery readers, and there is a third book currently in the works. The second book in the series is also in our collection: A Well-Timed Murder. It was hard to believe Swiss Vendetta was a first-published book, because the depth of character development for a numerous cast of characters and the many plot elements and final resolution, were all very skillfully done.

Tracee shared how having lived in Switzerland, and having a Swiss husband, she was able to create Agnes as a semi-outsider. Agnes has American parents who lived in Switzerland from the time she was born, until their recent return to America.We talked about how local slang and expressions can simultaneously bring people together and reject the "foreigners".  It was something we felt Agnes' mother-in-law uses as one of the many ways she puts Agnes down. Tracee's degree in architecture came in handy for creating a very clear and interesting mental picture of a French Chateau (including dungeons and secret passageways)! 

We got to tell Tracee how much we enjoyed Orlov, Anges, Madame, and Julien. The dog lovers among us also loved Winston, the Great Dane -- & hope they all will return in future books!  Many thanks to Tracee for making this holiday season so much brighter.

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