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Front Street Teens

Flash Fiction Contest

What's Flash Fiction?

A few weeks ago, the teens were prompted to write flash fictions stories. A flash fiction story is a very short story, about 50-55 words long, written without much time given. After a week of submissions, the Teen Advisory Board voted on the winners. Congrats to the first and second place winners, their submissions are below. But, there were so many great entries, we have included a few honorable mentions. Thanks to all who participated!

First Place:

A Mysterious Message, submitted by Grace R. 

Thoughts of the day ahead made Rebecca so uneasy that she could barely eat her fried rice. So much on the line and one tiny action could affect everything. Desperately trying to find hope, she opened her fortune cookie. It read, "The future is in your hands, and your hands only".

Second Place:

Untitled, submitted by Jade C.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jade. Jade and her friend Elena had plans for a fun summer night! They went to the Justin Bieber concet and had the time of their lives! Elena awas so excited to see JB she cried!! Jade was extremely excited too and was so mad when she wasn't the one less lonely girl! In the end, they had a fun and amazing night and planned to go back!

Honorable Mentions:

Unicornlandia, submitted by Sedona H.

Here in unicornlandia lived all the magical creatures like unicorns, faires, the easter bunny, and much more. But on the far side of this magical world was the dark side, full of dark magic. There lived goblins, witches, and monsters. Between the two worlds was a field of lollipops. You should visit us sometimes! 

Caution, by Neha ViJay

I missed the sign that Read, "Caution Wet Floor". It all started on a sunny, beautiful day. Oops. I forgot, let me introduce myself. I am Neha, Neha V., I live in California with my mom, dad, and my two annoying sisters, Megan and Crystal. BTW they are not cute! Your thinking how does this relate to me missing the sign. I will tell you. I was walking to the movies with my friend Mia and Emily to watch the new movie Frozen. We were walking and I passed by a sign, but I ignored it. Suddenly, I flipped in the air and landed on my bottom. "Owww, what happened?" I asked. "You slipped on the wet floor", she said, "are you okay?" 

I said yes. Next time I should reall yread the sign I growled...Only if I read. THE END


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